Since childhood, Milez Grimez has found hip-hop to be his biggest purpose in life. Hailing from a family full of artists and musicians, it was no coincidence how writing, recording, and performing music would soon become his passion.

Heavily influenced by the rugged sounds of the 90’s, Grimez first reached for the pen and pad in 1998 and started recording his lyrics onto cassette tapes through his home stereo. After noticing significant improvements in each verse/recording, Milez began gracing open mics in 2000. Positive feedback quickly led him into recording studios where he would begin creating his future.

Throughout his recording career, Grimez has found himself rubbing elbows on records with renowned artists such as Kool G Rap, Fredro Starr, Crooked I, Rock of Heltah Skeltah, and many more. Most recently he released 20 Milez and Runnin’, a compilation including twenty of his most memorable features. A collaboration with Duck Down affiliate Ruste Juxx and Parisian producer Kyo Itachi will soon be available by way of Shinigamie Records, and, most notably, Grimez is working on putting together the final pieces of his long-awaited solo album, Milestonez.