40 Milez (Still Runnin’) (CD) [Pre-Order]


Limited edition “40 Milez (Still Runnin’) CD

10 new songs and 10 features (features only available on CD)

Product Description

Limited edition “40 Milez (Still Runnin’) CD

Release Date: July 10 2020 (orders will start shipping out July 15th)

Guest features include: Rock (of Heltah Skeltah), Nolan The Ninja, VVS Verbal, Clever One, DJ Mekalek, Gstats, Demmene Syronn, Swann Notty, Izma, Chachi Carvalho, 8th Wundah, Big G’s, Kee Words, Skanks The Rap Martyr, Lateb, Ruste Juxx, Blass 89, Q-Unique, Hex One, Gat Murdah, Emit Wohs, Block McCloud, Alyssa Marie

Production from: Kyo Itachi, DJ Mekalek, Joe Beats, Gem Crates, Fourohone, 8th Wundah, Apathy, Jon Glass, DJ Low Cut, L’undercover, Azaia, DJ Morte, Bombdrop

10 new songs and 10 features (features exclusively available on CD)



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